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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Afternoon Press Stand-Up at Beijing International Airport
Remarks Glyn Davies
Special Representative for North Korea Policy Beijing, China
May 23, 2012
AMBASSADOR DAVIES: Hello, everybody. It's great to see you all. I have a little bit of a problem. I am really, really late for my flight. So I simply want to say, number one, thank-you very much for coming out. Number two, a very good visit to Beijing. I had a chance to meet with key officials here. I just came from the CCID and my meeting with Vice Minister Liu Jieyi. We had a terrific conversation, very wide-ranging. And it was so good that it went late. So I am now late, so I have to run.

I look forward to getting to Tokyo and meeting with officials there. I get there tonight and I'll have meetings there tomorrow, and a little bit on Friday as well.

So with your permission, I hope you understand, I've got to get on my flight. Thank-you very much for coming out. I look forward to coming back. All the very best to you.

QUESTION: Are you convinced that the North Koreans will not go ahead with this nuclear test?

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: Well, I certainly hope that they don't go ahead with their nuclear test. That would be a highly provocative and inappropriate miscalculation on their part. Thank-you very much, I’ve got to run…

QUESTION: Is there anything the Chinese said that could…

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: I am going to keep our diplomatic conversations with the Chinese between us at this stage. Thank-you so much, really appreciate it. I have to run, all the best.

QUESTION: [inaudible]

AMBASSADOR DAVIES: I have to run, thanks so much.
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