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Thursday, May 31, 2012


The National Veterans Golden Age Games
Last year at the National Veterans Golden Age Games, Jack Faust met a fellow competitor who was 98 and thought he was the oldest Veteran there.
Jack, 100 at the time, had to tell him he was two years short.

This year, more than 900 Veterans will travel to St. Louis, Mo. to compete in the 26th National Veterans Golden Age Games.
Jack Faust was born in 1911. Last year at the games, he won two gold medals and said: “To the youngsters competing, I say: better get practicing for St. Louis, because I intend to see you there.”

The Games are a national sports and recreation competition sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV), and Veterans Canteen Service (VCS).

Through this rehabilitative athletic event, VA strives to introduce older Veterans to the benefits of sports and recreation. These athletes will showcase their skills, mental toughness and physical fitness at the games.

Celebrating its 26th year, the games offer the largest sports and recreation competition in the world for military Veterans age 55 and older.

Hosted this year by the St. Louis VA Medical Center, the competition features sports such as swimming, cycling, golf, bowling, table tennis and others, totaling 14 competitive events.

Events are open to all U.S. military Veterans age 55 or older who are currently receiving care at any VA medical facility.

The Games have grown from 115 participants its first year to more than 700 in 2011.
It is designed to improve the quality of life for all older Veterans, including those with a wide range of abilities and disabilities.

The National Golden Age Games is one of the most progressive and adaptive rehabilitative senior sports programs in the world and is made possible by the support provided by co-sponsors VCS and HHV.

The Golden Age Games is truly a life saving program for our nation’s Veterans and life affirming for all those who have attended them.

Competitive events run from June 1-5, 2012.
The National Veterans Golden Age Games serve as a qualifying event for the National Senior Olympics. The National Senior Olympics is a community-based member of the United States Olympic Committee and recognizes the best senior athletes in their respective age groups in the United States.

For more information about the National Veterans Golden Age Games and other VA national rehabilitation programs,